A Show In Vermont

September 19th, 2017

Maine 400x265 A Show In Vermont

The photo above, featuring four of my favorite models on the rocky coast of Maine, is in the current show, “Multiples,” at the Darkroom Gallery in Essex Junction, Vermont.

The artists reception for this show will be this Saturday, September 23. I plan to attend that reception. So, if you are in the Burlington area, please stop by and say hello.

The Darkroom Gallery is my favorite place to show my work. I’ve been in quite a few shows there, so many that they have me on their “Darkroom Gallery Masters” list. They have even sold my prints from past shows.

But, the gallery has announced that they are taking a break after 99 shows. They plan to be back next year with more shows. I’m going up to encourage them to come back. I’ll be looking forward to what they do in 2018.


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Ayn of Ties

September 14th, 2017

DSC 0470 DxO 400x576 Ayn of Ties

Back when I still had my studio Ayn wanted to do a shoot with a bunch of ties. What Ayn wants, Ayn gets, as far as I’m concerned. So this is what we came up with.

DSC 0446 DxO 400x309 Ayn of Ties

DSC 0447 DxO 400x309 Ayn of Ties

That’s right, folks, Ayn didn’t even get naked for this shoot. I hope you aren’t too disappointed.

DSC 0459 DxO 400x309 Ayn of Ties

After we shot the ties I was playing around with one of my Micro 4/3 Panasonic cameras. (The studio lit photos were done with my Nikon D7000.) It was too dark over in the corner where Ayn was getting her things ready, but I snapped a couple frames anyway because I liked the way the light looked. This was a one-second exposure. I like all the stuff that happened when I hand-held the camera for that long.

P1090513 DxO 400x600 Ayn of Ties

I did another shot where the shutter speed was just a bit shorter and got this more “normal” result. But I like the “flawed” photo better.

P1090526 DxO 400x600 Ayn of Ties

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Gallery Show

September 9th, 2017

DSC_8630_DxO lighter

I’ve received word that this photograph of Rachel up in Maine has been chosen for the upcoming show at the South East Center for Photography in Greenville, South Carolina. The show theme is “The Intimate Portrait.” I’m particularly happy about this for a couple reasons. One is that I’ve been wanting to get my work in a show at this gallery for some time. The other is that the juror for this show was Joyce Tenneson.  I’m quite pleased that she found one of my photos to be worthy of inclusion in this show.

The show opens on November 3. If you live in the Greenville, SC area, please go take a look at the show.


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New Toy

September 2nd, 2017

IMG 7605 400x400 New Toy

Finally! An Instax Mini camera with a sharp lens and full manual control and focusing. Thanks to Instantoptions.com. I’ll be playing around with this and will report on how it goes.

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Still Alive

August 30th, 2017

DSC 0349 DxO 400x518 Still Alive

Sorry for not posting for so long. Seems like I’ve been on the road all summer. I’ll get back to it soon.

DSC 0332 DxO 400x517 Still Alive

Meanwhile, here a few headshots I did of my good friend and model Ayn.

DSC 0376 DxO 400x518 Still Alive

DSC 0381 DxO 400x518 Still Alive

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More From the Desert

July 30th, 2017

P1190276 DxO 400x300 More From the Desert

Near Salvation Mountain is a fairly strange community known as Slab City. And in Slab City is a fairly strange art community known as East Jesus.

P1190238 DxO 400x300 More From the Desert

So, after visiting Salvation Mountain we headed on over to East Jesus and I couldn’t resist taking a few photos there.

P1190198 DxO 400x300 More From the Desert

P1190205 DxO 400x226 More From the Desert

P1190272 DxO 400x487 More From the Desert

P1190234 DxO 400x581 More From the Desert


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Photos from the Left Coast

July 28th, 2017

P1190020 DxO 400x300 Photos from the Left Coast

Well, not exactly at the coast. I’ve been traveling. That’s why I haven’t been posting here. I went to the desert in Southern California. Thought I’d share a few of my photos from there. That’s a pretty well known, often photographed abandoned gas station at the Salton Sea above. I couldn’t resist doing my own photo.

P1190036 DxO 400x300 Photos from the Left Coast

This old boat just waiting for someone to restore it is parked at Bombay Beach right by the water.

P1190100 DxO 400x300 Photos from the Left Coast

Pelicans at Bombay Beach. According to Wikipedia Bombay Beach is the lowest community in America, located 223 feet below sea level.

P1190105 DxO 400x300 Photos from the Left Coast

So I guess that would make this the lowest American Legion Post in America.

P1190112 DxO 400x300 Photos from the Left Coast

Go a little south of the Salton Sea and you just might find Salvation Mountain. It’s a pretty amazing piece of American religious art that is worth visiting.

P1190116 DxO 400x300 Photos from the Left Coast

Sadly, the creator has gone to meet his creator a few years ago. Volunteers seem to be maintaining the place now, but I wonder how long it will last now that the man inspired to create it is no longer there. Better go see it soon.

P1190120 DxO 400x300 Photos from the Left Coast

P1190173 DxO 400x300 Photos from the Left Coast

P1190175 DxO 400x300 Photos from the Left Coast

That’s all for now. I’ll be back soon.

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More Friend Photos

July 20th, 2017

DSC 9795 DxO 400x604 More Friend Photos

I took my lovely friend to my studio for a few more photos.

DSC 9772 DxO 400x557 More Friend Photos

I’ve always loved simple window light, so we worked a bit with that.

DSC 9917 DxO 400x778 More Friend Photos

And we played around a bit with studio flash lighting.

DSC 9871 DxO 400x228 More Friend Photos

But mostly it was just a time for making photos of a lovely woman.

DSC 9762 DxO 400x604 More Friend Photos


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Photos of a Friend

July 7th, 2017

DSC 9995 DxO 400x400 Photos of a Friend

Last summer a friend and fellow photographer agreed to pose for some photos.

DSC 0075 DxO 400x400 Photos of a Friend

She is a lovely woman and she had a beautiful home where we worked together to make these photos.

DSC 0227 DxO 400x265 Photos of a Friend

Her back yard also was a nice setting.

DSC 0291 DxO 400x604 Photos of a Friend

But she is so lovely that I couldn’t resist just making some portraits of her.

DSC 9535 DxO 400x576 Photos of a Friend

DSC 9601 DxO 400x604 Photos of a Friend

I’ll have more work with this lovely lady coming in another post.

DSC 9612 DxO 400x567 Photos of a Friend

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Wave the Flag

July 3rd, 2017

DSC 1517 400x266 Wave the Flag

Tomorrow is Independence Day here in the good old U. S. of A. So here are a few flag photos to mark the occasion.

Independence Day

P1050655 400x267 Wave the Flag

P1050660 400x267 Wave the Flag

Keep Out

And, since it’s been a while since I posted any nudes, here are some sort-of nudes with the wonderful model, Angie, taken a few years ago.

D70 7984 DxO 400x652 Wave the Flag

This next one was taken for my “Eve” series.

D70 8069 DxO 400x604 Wave the Flag

And one more before we go. Have a happy Fourth!

D70 7979 DxO 400x400 Wave the Flag


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