More Friend Photos

July 20th, 2017

DSC 9795 DxO 400x604 More Friend Photos

I took my lovely friend to my studio for a few more photos.

DSC 9772 DxO 400x557 More Friend Photos

I’ve always loved simple window light, so we worked a bit with that.

DSC 9917 DxO 400x778 More Friend Photos

And we played around a bit with studio flash lighting.

DSC 9871 DxO 400x228 More Friend Photos

But mostly it was just a time for making photos of a lovely woman.

DSC 9762 DxO 400x604 More Friend Photos


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Photos of a Friend

July 7th, 2017

DSC 9995 DxO 400x400 Photos of a Friend

Last summer a friend and fellow photographer agreed to pose for some photos.

DSC 0075 DxO 400x400 Photos of a Friend

She is a lovely woman and she had a beautiful home where we worked together to make these photos.

DSC 0227 DxO 400x265 Photos of a Friend

Her back yard also was a nice setting.

DSC 0291 DxO 400x604 Photos of a Friend

But she is so lovely that I couldn’t resist just making some portraits of her.

DSC 9535 DxO 400x576 Photos of a Friend

DSC 9601 DxO 400x604 Photos of a Friend

I’ll have more work with this lovely lady coming in another post.

DSC 9612 DxO 400x567 Photos of a Friend

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Wave the Flag

July 3rd, 2017

DSC 1517 400x266 Wave the Flag

Tomorrow is Independence Day here in the good old U. S. of A. So here are a few flag photos to mark the occasion.

Independence Day

P1050655 400x267 Wave the Flag

P1050660 400x267 Wave the Flag

Keep Out

And, since it’s been a while since I posted any nudes, here are some sort-of nudes with the wonderful model, Angie, taken a few years ago.

D70 7984 DxO 400x652 Wave the Flag

This next one was taken for my “Eve” series.

D70 8069 DxO 400x604 Wave the Flag

And one more before we go. Have a happy Fourth!

D70 7979 DxO 400x400 Wave the Flag


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Some Shows

July 1st, 2017

Survivor of Millfield Mine Disaster

Wow…sorry that it has been just shy of a full month since my last post. I’ve been busy. Actually, I’ve been traveling. I just returned from Peru. No time and little internet access while I was on the road. I’ll have some of those photos to post here soon.

But, meanwhile, I want to tell you about a couple shows that I currently have work in. First, the photo above will be in the next show at The Darkroom Gallery in Vermont. The show’s theme is “The Face.” 

I took this photo in 1977 or 1978 while on assignment for “The Athens Messenger” newspaper in Athens, Ohio. It was taken at a memorial service for the Millfield Mine Disaster. This gentleman was one of the survivors of that disaster. The Millfield Mine Disaster on Nov. 5, 1930 is the worst mine disaster in the history of Ohio. An explosion killed 82 men in the mine. The last survivor died in 2009.

IMG 5655 400x267 Some Shows

On a more pleasant note, one of my photographs of the lovely Kelsey Dylan on the coast of Maine is in the members’ show at the Springfield Museum of Art in Springfield, Ohio. It’s in the center of the photo above.

Here’s a closer look:

IMG 5654 400x267 Some Shows

And here is the photo itself:

D70 7868 400x224 Some Shows

I hope to be back soon with more stuff for you to see.

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Lisa in the Weeds

June 2nd, 2017

DSC 9265 DxO 400x482 Lisa in the Weeds

Lisa Everhart is quite an icon in the world of figure models and photographers. She is a beautiful woman, a talented model and she spends quite a bit of energy advancing the world of fine art figure photography and helping other models.

DSC 9293 DxO 400x554 Lisa in the Weeds

I’ve been familiar with Lisa’s work for years, but we hadn’t crossed paths. Last June when I was down in Florida I saw that there was an opportunity for me to visit her, so I contacted her and we set it up.

DSC 9351 DxO 400x526 Lisa in the Weeds

My original thought was just to meet her for lunch and get acquainted. But Lisa wanted us to do a shoot. How could I say no to that offer from such an amazing lady? So we met and then wandered out into the swampy forests of central Florida and did a few photos.

DSC 9391 DxO 400x400 Lisa in the Weeds

I think we both had a good time and ended up with a few nice photos. It’s my hope that this initial meeting and shoot will be the first of many in the future.

DSC 9465 DxO 400x604 Lisa in the Weeds

Thank you, Lisa, for a fun shoot, and for all the great work you do in support of so many other artists.

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More With Areia at Starved Rock

May 30th, 2017

DSC 8803 DxO 400x604 More With Areia at Starved Rock

Here are a few more photos from the shoot I did with the lovely Areia as we wandered around Starved Rock State Park.

DSC 8822 DxO 400x604 More With Areia at Starved Rock

Starved Rock is an incredibly beautiful place and Areia is quite a lovely model. She’s a lovely person as well, so it is a very real pleasure to work with her.

DSC 8938 DxO 400x604 More With Areia at Starved Rock

This is the end of this set of photos, but I do hope to work with Areia again this summer.

DSC 9025 DxO 400x604 More With Areia at Starved Rock

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Back to Starved Rock

May 23rd, 2017

DSC 8385 DxO 400x568 Back to Starved Rock

These are some photos of a lovely model, Areia, who I’ve worked with a few times. She and I spent a day wandering around Starved Rock State Park near Chicago.

DSC 8416 DxO 400x604 Back to Starved Rock

Starved Rock is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.

DSC 8460 DxO 400x400 Back to Starved Rock

Add a beautiful, talented model and some nice photos are bound to be the result.

DSC 8611 DxO 400x604 Back to Starved Rock

We happened to be working on a sunny day. There are many places where the sun does not reach down into the canyons here…but when it does, it’s sometimes fun to play with the light and shadows.

DSC 8764 DxO 400x604 Back to Starved Rock

That’s the end for this post…but there is more to come.

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Liv on the Spot

May 20th, 2017

DSC 7794 DxO 400x604 Liv on the Spot

I have a favorite spot in Blackhand Gorge where I’ve done photos of all the models I’ve shot there. It’s a pretty place and I challenge each model to see what they can come up with for poses there. Liv Sage, of course, did a fine job with the challenge.

DSC 7832 DxO 400x604 Liv on the Spot

DSC 7846 DxO 400x604 Liv on the Spot

There’s a waterfall hidden back in a corner of the gorge that is also a favorite place to challenge models to invent poses that work. Liv again rose to the challenge.

DSC 7864 DxO 400x604 Liv on the Spot

DSC 7979 DxO 400x604 Liv on the Spot

And, there’s one very special place that isn’t always there. This pool of water only appears in the spring and after a good rain. But when it’s there it can create some lovely reflections. And with Liv there we got something pretty amazing. This is my favorite photo from this day of shooting. Thanks Liv!

DSC 8153 DxO 400x299 Liv on the Spot

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Twister with Liv

May 17th, 2017

DSC 7687 DxO 400x604 Twister with Liv

Liv Sage was in a twisty mood when we were shooting at Blackhand Gorge, as you can see in these photos.

DSC 7742 DxO 400x372 Twister with Liv

DSC 7771 DxO 400x265 Twister with Liv

DSC 7780 DxO 400x265 Twister with Liv

Liv is certainly a very flexible lady along with being quite lovely. Have I mentioned that she’s a really nice person too? And a dedicated, hard-working model.

DSC 8021 DxO 400x604 Twister with Liv

That’s the end for today, but there is lots more to come in future posts. Stay tuned.

DSC 8032 DxO 400x604 Twister with Liv

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Liv at Blackhand Gorge

May 14th, 2017

DSC 7588 DxO 400x265 Liv at Blackhand Gorge

I worked with Liv Sage/ASmallWoman a lot last year. I wish she still lived nearby so I could keep doing that. But I still get to shoot her every now and then when she visits.

DSC 7618 DxO 400x604 Liv at Blackhand Gorge

As you may know if you follow my blog regularly, for some years now I’ve been working on a series of photos taken at Blackhand Gorge, a beautiful natural area near where I grew up. I went there as a kid and a teenager and decided to return to use it as a setting for my work. Last spring I took Liv there.

DSC 7663 DxO 400x604 Liv at Blackhand Gorge

The spot you see here is one where I’ve tried for years to get a successful photo. It is a sort of pedestal that seems a natural place for a statuesque model to stand. The problem is that there is an overhanging rock that makes it almost impossible to stand straight up. So this is another reason I really like short models. Liv was able to produce not just one, but several successful poses in this spot, as you can see.

DSC 7650 DxO 400x604 Liv at Blackhand Gorge

Lots more to come from this shoot with this extremely lovely and versatile model. Thanks Liv!


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