Misc. Gina

January 25th, 2018


DSC 4454 DxO 400x265 Misc. Gina

Finally how about an assortment of photos of the amazing Gina?

DSC 4452 DxO 400x400 Misc. Gina

As we wandered through Mike Elsass’ space we played with one of the paintings there as a background.

DSC 4538 DxO 400x265 Misc. Gina

Then some more photos taking advantage of the bright, sunny day.

DSC 4547 DxO 400x604 Misc. Gina

Back in the studio Gina wanted to play around with some unusual makeup.

DSC 5116 DxO 400x265 Misc. Gina

DSC 5193 DxO 400x600 Misc. Gina

And, finally, a shot that was destined for the cover of Gina’s first single recording. You should check out Gina’s music. She really is an amazingly talented woman.

DSC 4985 DxO 400x400 Misc. Gina


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Wandering Around With Gina

January 22nd, 2018

DSC 4041 DxO 400x275 Wandering Around With Gina

After shooting in the studio for a while, Gina and I went wandering around the Front Street Buildings, always a rich environment for photo backgrounds.

DSC 4120 DxO 400x264 Wandering Around With Gina

The sunny day provided some opportunities to play with light and shadow…not to mention color.

DSC 4202 DxO 400x298 Wandering Around With Gina

DSC 4291 DxO 400x526 Wandering Around With Gina

Mike Elsass’s studio on the floor above my studio has lots of interesting things to see.

DSC 4372 DxO 400x286 Wandering Around With Gina

More of the Gina adventures to come.

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Fun With Gina

January 18th, 2018

DSC 3885 DxO 400x476 Fun With Gina

Every once in a while I get together with my old friend Gina and then something good always happens. We did these photos a while back. I’m so slow with my editing that I’m just getting to them.

DSC 3915 DxO 400x512 Fun With Gina

Give Gina a prop and she’ll make something happen with it, as you can see in these shots from my old studio.

DSC 3933 DxO 400x571 Fun With Gina

She can even make something happen with an old set of bed springs.

DSC 3966 DxO 400x604 Fun With Gina

I’ve been photographing Gina for a long time. I’m pretty sure she was still in high school when we first shot. She did a lot of modeling for me back in the days when I was shooting for beauty magazines, particularly for one of the magazines that was aimed at teens. She’s gone on to become quite an impressive success in a variety of fields, all of which show her amazing talent.

DSC 3967 DxO 400x604 Fun With Gina

There will be more of Gina coming in the next few posts.

DSC 4001 DxO 400x265 Fun With Gina

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Instant Theda From the Past

January 5th, 2018

Theda 4 19 15 02 spotted 400x541 Instant Theda From the Past

I guess I’m a little late getting started on the new year on the blog. I’m posting a lot on MeWe, so you might want to look over there for more frequent photos. mewe.com/i/dave.levingston

Theda 4 19 15 08 spotted 400x551 Instant Theda From the Past

But, I made a discovery a few days ago. I had scanned a bunch of instant prints and then mis-filed them and forgot them. So, when I came across them I decided to go ahead and work on them and put them up here.

Theda 4 19 15 17 spotted 400x542 Instant Theda From the Past

These, of course, feature the wonderful model Theda. I’ve worked with Theda many times and never without getting some fine photos.

Theda 4 19 15 15 spotted 400x546 Instant Theda From the Past

When I shot these I was trying out a new Lomo POS camera that shoots Fuji Mini Instax film. That camera really sucks, but thanks to Theda I was able to get a few good photos anyway. They aren’t sharp, of course. Instax film is never sharp and that POS Lomo is awful.

Theda 4 19 15 14 spotted 400x543 Instant Theda From the Past

That camera came with a bunch of accessory lenses that I was playing with during this shoot. You may have noticed the distorted wide angle.

Theda 4 19 15 13 spotted 400x541 Instant Theda From the Past

We even used the Lomo for a few “Striped Light” shots.

Theda 4 19 15 07 spotted 400x529 Instant Theda From the Past


One last Lomo shot…I have more scanned and forgotten photos from another shoot that I’ll share here soon.

Theda 4 19 15 11 spotted 400x554 Instant Theda From the Past

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More Liv at the Studio

December 28th, 2017

DSC 3243 DxO 400x265 More Liv at the Studio

For today here are a few more photos of Liv Sage done using morning window light at my old studio.

DSC 3208 DxO 400x604 More Liv at the Studio

DSC 3216 DxO 400x604 More Liv at the Studio

DSC 3307 DxO 400x604 More Liv at the Studio

DSC 3248 DxO 400x265 More Liv at the Studio

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More Liv

December 26th, 2017

DSC 3003 DxO 400x604 More Liv

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post. The holidays have been busy this year.

I do post almost daily on MeWe. If you haven’t checked it out, you should. There’s quite a good community there and it is growing every day. You can find me here:  mewe.com/i/dave.levingston

DSC 3176 DxO 400x252 More Liv

But, today, here are a few more of Liv. These were shot with my Nikon, so they are actually sharp.

DSC 3110 DxO 400x623 More Liv

These are more with the morning light at my old studio.

DSC 3133 DxO 400x587 More Liv

Liv was doing her usual great job of posing and making the most of the environment.

I’ll try to do more frequent posts now that the holidays are ending.

DSC 2931 DxO 400x604 More Liv

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More Instant Liv

November 20th, 2017

Liv 9-3-16007

Some more instant photos of Liv Sage in my studio.

Liv 9-3-16018

These were shot on Fuji Instax Mini film using a Lomo camera that I hate with a passion.

Liv 9-3-16016

This camera is very hard to control. All the controls on it are marked with single-letter abbreviations for the name of the control…but the names aren’t the standard ones that have been used on cameras since photography was invented. No these Lomo idiots had to invent new hipster names for all the controls. So I can never figure out what the controls are supposed to be.

Liv 9-3-16015

So I fool around with this awful camera and sometimes, especially when I have a great model in front of it, I manage to take a photo that isn’t too bad. Just wish I could better control the exposure. But my new “Frankencamera” that shoots Instax Mini film allows me to properly control all the settings…and to understand what those settings are, so I doubt this Lomo piece of junk will get used again.

Liv 9-3-16014


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Instant Liv

November 16th, 2017

Liv 9-3-16002

Here are a few quick edits of some photos I did with Liv Sage using some of my stash of Fuji 3000 speed instant peel-apart film. They were shot with my old Speed Graphic camera.

Liv 9-3-16001

These days people seem to think the flaws in this material are interesting, so I decided to leave them in for now. I’ll probably do a better edit on some of these later and clean them up. But for now you can enjoy the dust and scratches that are inherent in this film.

Liv 9-3-16004

Exposure is often kind of hit or miss with this film, but sometimes the misses are kind of nice, like this last one.

Liv 9-3-16028

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Shooting a Friend

November 6th, 2017

DSC 1896 DxO 400x604 Shooting a Friend

Just some photos from my second shoot with a photographer friend who agreed to spend a little time in front of my camera.

DSC 2033 DxO 400x248 Shooting a Friend

After doing some portraits with studio lighting we played around a little by doing some exteriors of the studio building with her in the window.

DSC 2228 DxO 400x265 Shooting a Friend

The top two were taken after dark when the building was illuminated by by a street light.

DSC 2015 DxO 400x604 Shooting a Friend

This last one was taken earlier when there was still daylight.

DSC 2142 DxO 400x255 Shooting a Friend

And this is back in the studio lit by the street light outside.

DSC 2300 DxO corrected 400x265 Shooting a Friend

And, finally, a shot with the street light through the studio window using a fisheye lens and then doing a correction in Photoshop so it acts more as an ultra-wide angle lens.

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Happy Halloween

October 30th, 2017


A few old Halloween-themed photos to mark the season.

Charlie above, Athena below.


Theda below:


Below: “Theda Trading Her Soul for a Mix Tape”


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