Start Your Pinholes

April 22nd, 2017

P1000572 DxO 400x533 Start Your Pinholes

It’s almost time for Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. It’s always the last Sunday in April, so that makes it a week from Sunday, April 30, this year.

P1090455 DxO 400x600 Start Your Pinholes

I always try to participate and upload a pinhole photo taken on pinhole day to their website.

P1090446 DxO 400x600 Start Your Pinholes

I don’t upload nudes to the Pinhole Day website because there are many young people involved in the day and I don’t want to cause any issues over nudity.

P1090443 DxO 400x600 Start Your Pinholes

But I use my pinholes regularly to do all sorts of work, including nudes.

P1000582 DxO 400x533 Start Your Pinholes

These were shot almost a year ago and feature the wonderful model, Reveille.

P1000564 DxO 400x533 Start Your Pinholes

I’ll have some more work with Reveille in my next post…and those will be photos done with a lens instead of a pinhole.

P1090436 DxO 400x600 Start Your Pinholes

Don’t forget, get your pinholes out and go out on April 30 and make some pinhole photos. I love the way pinholes get you away from the silly pixel-peeping that goes on and takes you back to the origins of photography. Pinholes were making images long before a way to save the images had been invented. And, ironically, modern digital cameras, especially mirrorless cameras with electronic viewfinders, make working with pinholes much easier than ever before. With my Micro 4/3 cameras I can actually use the viewfinder and see what I’m getting. And with the high ISOs available on modern digital cameras, I can shoot hand-held if I want to. It’s never been easier to shoot pinhole photos. Give it a try.

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Been Gone…Real Gone

April 19th, 2017

D70 0300 DxO 400x604 Been Gone...Real Gone

Sorry it has been so long since I’ve posted here. A lot has been going on. For several weeks I was moving out of my old house and getting it ready to put on the market. We worked right up to the last minute on that, and then the next day headed out for a drive across the country. We followed (kind of) Rt. 66, staying in old motels from the days of the Mother Road. We visited Las Vegas, Death Valley, Los Angeles and Yosemite before returning home traveling across Nevada and Utah on Rt. 50, “The Loneliest Highway in America.” It was a great trip and we got to visit with several friends along the way.

D70 0307 DxO 400x604 Been Gone...Real Gone

So, I’m back now and I’ll try to get back to posting regularly. I still have quite a backlog of shoots to work through and I’ll probably post some photos from this trip when I get them edited. They are being downloaded from my portable drive to my desktop as I type this.

Meanwhile, here are a few photos of the lovely ASmallWoman taken at night by the light of a streetlight through the windows of my old studio in Dayton.

D70 0331 DxO 400x282 Been Gone...Real Gone

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Gallery Show In Vermont

March 3rd, 2017

Kat and Brooke in Wirepass Canyon

Sorry for the long gap since my last post. I’ve been on vacation with my family. I took some things to do posts while I was away, but frankly, I was just having too much fun to take the time to write a post.

I’ll get back to the regular posting soon. But just after arriving back home I received word that two of my photos have been chosen by the juror for a show next month at the Darkroom Gallery in Essex Junction, Vermont. 

Amusingly, they are two very different photos, but both of them have two models. The one above, with models Kat and Brooke Lynne, was taken a few years ago in a slot canyon near Page, Arizona. The one below is a more recent photo taken in the Smokey Mountains with models Melissa Troutt and Stevie Macaroni. One in deep desert and the other in a mountain stream. And in each case the two models making the photos much stronger than they could have been with just one. Thank you ladies!

Melissa and Stevie

The Darkroom Gallery does excellent shows. I’m always proud to be included in them. If you are in the Burlington area you should check out the show. My friend, Dave Rudin, also has two photographs in this show.


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A Small Woman in the Woods

February 18th, 2017

D70 9546 DxO 400x604 A Small Woman in the Woods

I’m making progress on my backlog of editing. I think soon I’ll be less than a year behind. This shoot was with ASmallWoman in October 2015.

D70 9584 DxO 400x265 A Small Woman in the Woods

We just wandered around in the woods at a couple parks near my home and shot in the fall colors.

D70 9620 DxO 400x604 A Small Woman in the Woods

ASmallWoman is a wonderful person and a fine model. I always enjoy working with her.

D70 9801 DxO 400x265 A Small Woman in the Woods

There are a lot more photos of ASmallWoman coming in future blog posts. We did a number of shoots together around this time.

D70 9687 DxO 400x265 A Small Woman in the Woods

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At a Beaver Pond

February 14th, 2017

D70 6814 DxO 400x265 At a Beaver Pond

After our morning shoot in Vermont a friend took us to a beaver pond in the woods. The light was incredible for a few minutes and Kelsey Dylan helped me take full advantage of it.

D70 6812 DxO 400x265 At a Beaver Pond


D70 6738 DxO 400x265 At a Beaver Pond

D70 6787 DxO 400x281 At a Beaver Pond

Then as the light was fading Blueriverdream went into action and delivered some lovely poses.

D70 6926 DxO 400x604 At a Beaver Pond

All in all a very successful day of shooting thanks to great locations, great friends and wonderful, beautiful models. Thanks to all who worked to make this shoot a tremendous success.

D70 6943 DxO 400x604 At a Beaver Pond

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Blue in Vermont

February 8th, 2017

D70 6211 DxO 400x604 Blue in Vermont

After our shoot in the Catskills in August 2015 Dave Rudin and I, along with two of the models we had been working with, went up to Vermont for some more photography.

D70 6392 DxO 400x597 Blue in Vermont

I took Dave and Blueriverdream to one of my favorite Vermont locations.

D70 6525 DxO 400x673 Blue in Vermont

Of course, Blue did her usual wonderful job of modeling and we got a few photos that I’m very happy with.

D70 6632 DxO 400x604 Blue in Vermont

And Blue wasn’t afraid to get wet…which resulted in this photo.

D70 6470 DxO 400x341 Blue in Vermont

And, finally, here’s one of Dave working with Blue.

IMG 7587 400x231 Blue in Vermont

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Solo Erica

February 4th, 2017

D70 6032 DxO 400x604 Solo Erica

While it can be fun to shoot a lot of models at the same time, it’s probably better to work with just one model at a time for the best results. That’s especially true when the model is Erica Jay.

D70 6115 DxO 400x400 Solo Erica

The two of us spent a little time working together on this shoot in the Catskills and Erica did her usual fantastic job of modeling. In fact I think she went a bit above and beyond her usually very high level of work for these photos.

D70 6079 DxO 400x400 Solo Erica

Thank you Erica. You really made these photos work.

D70 6044 DxO 400x604 Solo Erica

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So Many Models

January 30th, 2017

D70 5850 DxO 400x265 So Many Models

Of course, with all those models available, I couldn’t resist getting them all together in a few photos.

D70 5857 DxO 400x604 So Many Models

Thanks to Blueriver DreamErica JayClaudineBrooke LynneKelsey DylanStevie MacaroniNadine Theresa, and Dane St. Clair.

D70 5897 DxO 400x604 So Many Models

They all did a wonderful job. And I even shot a few photos of fewer than the full complement of models there for the day. Thanks to my friend, Dave Rudin, for organizing this amazing outing.

D70 5983 DxO 400x265 So Many Models

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More Catskills

January 24th, 2017

D70 5759 DxO 400x604 More Catskills

With all those models up in the Catskills we, of course, went out for a second day of shooting. Dandelion had to leave us, but that still left eight models for this day’s shoot. Above and below are Kelsey Dylan, Blueriverdream and Stevie Macaroni.

D70 5778 DxO 400x604 More Catskills

And this next photo has Kelsey, Stevie and Nadine Theresa.

D70 5825 DxO 400x604 More Catskills

And one more for today of Claudine. More to come from this day’s shoot.

D70 6156 DxO 400x604 More Catskills

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One At A Time

January 20th, 2017

D70 5470 DxO 400x604 One At A Time

Despite being surrounded by a crowd of beautiful, talented models, I decided to spend some time working with a few of them just one at a time. Above is Brooke Lynne posing below the lovely waterfall where we were all shooting.

D70 5485 DxO 400x604 One At A Time

Of the nine models that my friend, Dave Rudin, had arranged to shoot with us this day, there was only one who I didn’t already know and hadn’t worked with before. So I thought it only right that I spend a little time with AE Dandelion who had come all the way from New Orleans for this shoot.

D70 5499 DxO 400x604 One At A Time

She is not only lovely and a very talented model, but also a truly delightful young lady. It was a great pleasure to meet her and work with her. I wish she were closer to me so we could work again often.

D70 5600 DxO 400x604 One At A Time

While usually I try to stay away from direct sunlight for my photos because I tend to prefer the softer light and richer colors in the shade or on overcast days, when I saw the light glistening off the skin and water drops on Dandelion in the shot below I couldn’t resist making an exception to that rule. Sometimes the sun is what you want, especially on a beautiful redhead.

D70 5649 DxO 400x265 One At A Time

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