Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

April 25th, 2016

P1090285 DxO 400x267 Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

Yesterday was Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. I spent part of the afternoon running around with some friends taking pinhole photos. The one above is the one I chose to upload to the WPPD website. You can see it on the site here. You can also go ahead and browse the gallery to see what pinhole photographers did around the world yesterday. Or you can search the gallery by location or the name of a photographer. It’s a fun place to poke around.

I saw this photo on the street in Yellow Springs. Not sure what it’s about, but the mannequin was pretty neat looking.

This year I used three cameras with three different pinholes.

IMG 8081 DxO 400x151 Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

Left to right there’s my Olympus E-PL1 equipped with a home-made pinhole. I just poked a hole in a piece of soft metal using a needle and a hammer. Then I taped it to a Leica adapter designed to allow me to use Leitz lenses on my micro 4/3 cameras. That adapter placed the pinhole at a distance from the sensor that was close to a “normal” lens. Next is my trusty Panasonic G5 that has been my travel camera and primary pinhole camera for some time. It has a Pinwide wide-angle commercially made pinhole. And on the right is my newer Panasonic GF7 wearing a new commercially made pinhole. The photo I chose for the website was shot with the G5 and the Pinwide pinhole.

P1090424 DxO 400x600 Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

My wife, Emily, also shot a few pinhole photos yesterday. Above is the one she uploaded to the site. It was also shot with the G5 and the Pinwide pinhole.

And here are a few other snaps from the day:

P1090417 DxO 400x600 Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

A bicycling cow at Young’s Jersey Dairy.


P1090408 DxO 400x267 Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

Decorative grain bins at Young’s

P1090388 DxO 400x267 Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

Some barns.

P1090316 DxO 400x267 Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

And my friend Ayn and her kids who were also shooting pinhole photos. This was taken at the Clifton Mill.

I like using the micro 4/3 cameras with their electronic viewfinders with pinholes. The electronic viewfinders are actually usable, so it is possible to see what the composition looks like. Auto exposure also works, so you can use the camera’s meter to set the correct exposure by adjusting the shutter speed. And, with the high ISOs available in these cameras, it’s possible to just hand-hold the camera. All of these photos were taken without a tripod, once considered essential for pinhole photography.

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