The Magazines Have Arrived

March 1st, 2016

Cover 400x519 The Magazines Have Arrived

The contest issue of French PHOTO magazine has finally appeared on newsstands here in the US. This is actually a little sooner than sometimes in the past. As I’ve already mentioned in an earlier post, I once again have a photo in this issue where they publish all the winners of their annual contest. I was very pleased this year that most of the photos I entered were selected as finalists in what they say is the largest photo contest in the world. As it says on the cover above, they had more than 50,000 entries from more than 70 countries.

D70 3909 400x189 The Magazines Have Arrived

That’s the photo they chose for the magazine above. I’m very proud that of the 12 photos I entered in this contest, 11 made it through the judging process to become finalists. The magazine has a policy that only one photo from a photographer can be a winner and appear in the magazine. So it’s pretty special to know that they had to chose just one of the 11 of mine that were finalists for the magazine. Any one of those 11 photos would have been equally deserving of publication.

Because of that fact, I thought I’d present for you the other 10 finalists:

D70 9974 400x265 The Magazines Have Arrived

D70 9598 400x265 The Magazines Have Arrived

D70 5031 400x265 The Magazines Have Arrived

D70 4908 400x265 The Magazines Have Arrived

D70 4846 400x265 The Magazines Have Arrived

D70 3772 400x265 The Magazines Have Arrived

D70 3376 400x623 The Magazines Have Arrived

D70 1851 400x286 The Magazines Have Arrived

D70 0670 400x265 The Magazines Have Arrived

D70 0261 400x308 The Magazines Have Arrived

Thanks to all the wonderful models who made those photos possible: Theda, Areia, Ayn, Stevie, Bunny, Kelsey and Lilith.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the actual page in the magazine with the photo. Yes, they cropped it. They always just crop everything to fit:

IMG 8006 400x533 The Magazines Have Arrived

Out of the 404 winners of the contest who were published in the magazine, only 20 were Americans. I’m also proud that of those, two of them are friends of mine. Here are their photos in the magazine:

Dave Rudin:

IMG 8007 400x533 The Magazines Have Arrived

And Sita Mae:

IMG 8008 400x533 The Magazines Have Arrived

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  1. 1D.L. Wood
    March 5th, 2016 @ 2:27 pm

    Wow a 50,000 to 1 shot and your in. Congratulations on such a great accomplishment. As my grandmother often said when someone in the family did well – The sweet cream always will rise to the top. I think anyone of your “sweet” submissions was worthy of being picked for publication. I will look for it at B&N next time I go.

    D.L. Wood

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