Theda in the Basement

September 6th, 2011

D70 7068 Theda in the Basement

Here’s another of Theda in the sub-basement.  For some reason she didn’t want to lay down back in there.  I can never figure out why my models are sometimes hesitant to do the things I ask them to do.  But we got some good shots anyway.  Actually, Theda is always great to work with and a real pro when it comes to doing what it takes to make a photo work.  And, after all, shooting in a dirty location was her idea.

I’m sitting at home today waiting for the truck to deliver my new Epson 4900.  The driver just called and said he was about 45 minutes away, so the wait is going to be a short one.  That will give me the afternoon to set it up.  I can’t go out to get any paper to try it out because my truck is still at my mechanic’s being prepped for the upcoming trip.  I’m supposed to get it this afternoon too…so I’ll soon have wheels again.  The first thing I’ll do after I get the truck is make a run to the local photo place to pick up a pack of paper so I can play with the new printer…and I’ll also make a stop at Lowes to pick up a thermocouple…our water heater quit last night, so no hot water for baths this morning.  It’s just the thermocouple…but I don’t have a way to go buy one until the truck is finished.  Thermocouples don’t seem to be made the way they used to be…seems like they only last about three or four years now…but years ago it was unusual to have to replace one after 10 years.  I just hope Lowes is still carrying them…last time I went looking for one…about three years ago…there were just a couple stashed in little boxes and almost impossible to find.

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One Response to “Theda in the Basement”

  1. 1Dave S.
    September 6th, 2011 @ 11:45 pm

    Gee, I have no clue why they just don’t jump at the chance to be stuffed where you want them to be stuffed. The fact that it probably is covered with years worth of rat poop just shouldn’t be taken into the equation.
    Still lovely.
    Enjoy your new printer, but wait a couple of days so I can buy stock in Epson ink.

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