March 22nd, 2011

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It seems that many of my favorite models are also talented photographers.  I think that has more to do with my liking to work with models who understand what I’m trying to do than with anything else.  Charlise is one of those “modelographers” and is very good on both sides of the camera. 

One of the fun things about how I work with models is that they will sometimes do their own editing from our shoots.  I share copyright with my models and they get all the photos we do together.  They have full rights to do anything they want with the photos.  So sometimes I get to see what photos they chose and how they edit them in PhotoShop. 

That’s what you are seeing here.  These two photos were edited by Charlise.  It’s interesting that they are both photos that I also choose, independent of her, and had included in my first edit as what I label as ‘selects.’  But my editing was very different from hers, particularly when it comes to color.  You can compare the photo below with my version which I posted a few posts back.

One thing I was freed from many years ago is the idea of ‘correct color.’  There simply is no such thing.  The color in a photo is dependent on so many variables such as the viewing light, the materials used to make the print, the variations in the color vision of different individuals, that chasing ‘correct color’ will only make you crazy.  Color is important to me…it is one of the major things I’m interested in as a photographer; the reason I work in color and not black and white.  But I look for color that looks right to me…and that may have nothing to do with whatever the ‘correct color’ might be, if you could find a way to know that.

Clearly from these two photos, Charlise has a different idea of how she likes color to look.  I find that interesting and enjoyable to look at and think about.  I prefer my version of the color, but I also like what Charlise has done with these files.  There is no correct, there is only the different artistic interpretations of the photos.

Thanks for sharing your vision (and your beautiful body) with us, Charlise.

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