September 7th, 2010

D20 3039 Claudine

Despite the uncooperative weather this trip to Florida has been very productive and a lot of fun.  I owe that almost entirely to the wonderful models I’ve worked with down here.  So, over the next few posts I’m going to highlight each of the models for this trip and some of the work we did together.

First is Claudine.  I’ve worked with her before in the Chicago area where she lives, as you know if you follow this blog in any regular way.  She’s a great model and a fine person.  When she heard about my Florida trip she decided it was a good excuse for her to get away from the windy city for a few days, so she got on a plane and showed up in Tampa.  She was the first model to arrive ready to work, and she was here for most of a week doing her usual fantastic job of posing.

In this photo she is balancing on a log at Wekiwa Springs.  She did a great job of posing in a difficult, uncomfortable situation.  But we did learn one thing that was a small surprise.  Claudine’s skills as a crew member on racing sailboats did not translate into skill paddling a canoe.  But she still managed to get up and down the river without tipping the canoe over, so that’s all that really matters.  So what if her canoe actually traveled about 3 times the distance of the river because of the zig zag path it took.  Maybe she thought she was tacking?

Thank you Claudine for yet another great shoot…and another addition to my collection of figure in nature photos.

D20 5792 300x200 Claudine

Claudine had left to return to Chicago before this next incident, so she is not one of the models implicated.  But I do have to mention, that sometimes the models were just not willing to do what was needed to make the photos I wanted to make.  Take this example in the photo to the right.  We were out slogging around in the Everglades yesterday when I saw these beautiful lilies in bloom.  All I needed was a beautiful naked model to lay down in the water surrounded by those lily pads and we would have had a great shot.  The light was even working fairly well, despite the sun being out.   But none of the models with me that day were willing to do the pose.  I just can’t understand why they sometimes get reluctant.  (You may want to click to bring up a larger version of the photo and look to see if you can find a reason that they didn’t want to pose there.)

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4 Responses to “Claudine”

  1. 1Robert
    September 8th, 2010 @ 10:36 am

    I guess they didn’t buy into the “they’re more afraid of you” story.

    Hope you’re having fun in the swamp. I always do.
    My favorite place is the west end of Loop road. There are a couple of trails there where you can get back into the wilderness. It’s usually best in winter to spring when it’s drier. Right now I think it is getting close to what they refer to as sheet flow across the prairie.

    But this is the time for the rivers. I spotted some nice logs along the loxahatchee a few weeks ago.

  2. 2dave
    September 8th, 2010 @ 12:35 pm


    Silly girls. I was thinking some ‘gator rasslin’ would make for some interesting fine art nudes…but they just didn’t share my vision. 😉

    That trail at the west end of Loop Road was the first place we tried to shoot. We got a few shots there, but it wasn’t far before the trail was under more water than we were prepared to wade through. We had better luck on the roads running north from Tamiami a little further to the west. But it seemed like every pull-out with access to the canal had a friendly ‘gator laying there watching the cars, probably waiting for someone to get out with a poodle or something.

  3. 3Dave Rudin
    September 8th, 2010 @ 1:23 pm

    Sometimes, DL, you just gotta resort to doin’ the good ol’ nekked self portrait. At least it might have scared the wildlife away 😉 .

    Otherwise, I’m glad you’re enjoying the trip. Nice photo of Claudine, too.

  4. 4The Link Parts Are… Vacuum Sealed! | What Comes Before Part B?
    September 9th, 2010 @ 1:42 pm

    […] Claudine – Exposed for the Shadows The adventures of Carl, the nude-model-eating alligator. […]

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