Playing Ball on Frozen Water

January 19th, 2010

D20 2957 Playing Ball on Frozen Water I’ve written here before about the tricks Mother Nature can play on you when you work outdoors with the nude. You have to be prepared for the unexpected and able to adapt to whatever happens.

Well, Mother Nature really did a number on us with this shoot. After the day of shooting that produced the photos in the last two posts Angie and I were feeling so good about the work we were doing in the snow that we decided to do a second day of shooting. This time we would be up and on the road before dawn to make a 2-hour drive to a great location in southeast Ohio. The weather forecast for that location was reasonable. It was supposed to be in the 20s with an overcast.

When I got up at 5 a.m. it was very, very cold. But we had clear skies overnight, which always means colder temperatures. If the clouds had stayed over our destination overnight it should be a lot warmer there.

I picked Angie up and we headed off in the dark. At one point during the drive the thermometer in my truck read 1 degree. As the sun came up we could see that the skies ahead were clear. No clouds to have held in heat over night. Why do we even bother with weathermen anyway?

By the time we got to our first location the skies were clear and the thermometer was reading 5 degrees. That’s just too cold. But we were there and Angie wanted to give it a try anyway. So we hiked to the location. Angie had the heated insoles in her snow boots, “mega” heat packs to keep inside her coat, my expedition down parka and sweat pants. She was plenty warm enough with all that on…but, of course, to do any photos that would all have to come off.

Fortunately there was no wind, so it felt warmer than it could have. If there had been wind I would have called the whole thing off. But we worked quickly, with Angie nude for just short periods of time while I fired off a rapid burst of photos. Of course, my camera batteries started dying suddenly, always just after Angie had taken up a pose. But I switched batteries quickly and we kept working.

Angie is amazing. And tough. And determined. We got some good photos and she still has all her fingers and toes. More to come in the next post.

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2 Responses to “Playing Ball on Frozen Water”

  1. 1Stephen Haynes
    January 19th, 2010 @ 11:27 pm

    Beautiful photos all, Dave, with more yet to come. (?) Nice to have an enthusiastic model willing to freeze her buns (literally) for you.

  2. 2Morgan Dooley
    January 22nd, 2010 @ 9:39 pm

    This is a fabulous shot! I love how she just melds into the rock.

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