Gaea Bridge

July 19th, 2009

D20 8379 Gaea Bridge Here’s _G_ providing a bridge over the troubled water of the past few days. No major disasters, but a lot of frustration in things going on right now. I won’t go into details, but most photographers who work with models have learned that dealing with flaky models is part of the process. You get used to it…and you weed out the flakes. The same goes for models who have to deal with flaky photographers.

But I’ve had a new experience lately, dealing with a seriously flaky client. This guy hired me to set up a shoot for him. He asked me to find the models and make all those arrangements while he would provide the location and the other props to be included in the photos. He was going to use the photos for posters and calendars. I don’t do much of this kind of work, but, for a variety of reasons, I agreed to do this job.

I spent quite a bit of time finding models who were available on short notice to do the shoot. I got my gear together and went a couple days ahead, as we had agreed, to do some test shots to make sure the lighting and background were going to work well. When I got there at the pre-arranged time, he was not ready to do the test shots. So I agreed to show up a couple hours early on the day of the shoot so we could have time to work out any kinks in the setup.

Good thing I got there plenty early. The client failed to show up. Didn’t answer his phone. Never did show up at all. I left messages and when I didn’t hear from him I called the models and told them not to come. At least I caught them before they had left home…but at least one of them had cancelled another shoot so she could do this one.

That was yesterday morning. As of now I still have not heard a word from this asshole. Needless to say, this is the last time I will be involved in any work with him of any kind. I’m sure he will have some lame excuse for why this happened, but no-show, no-call is just absolutely unforgivable. What a jerk!

This will help me remember that I really don’t want to do any commercial work anyway.

So, I’ll turn my thoughts back to the beauty of the figure in nature. I’ve found this great location close to where I live. It’s the same place where I shot Kelsey. Kelsey and I went there at dawn. I wanted to see what it was like at a different time of day, so _G_ went there with me at mid-day to do this photo. The gorge is so deep and the tree cover so thick that even in the middle of a sunny day the light is still great down in the gorge. I’ll be doing lots more work here as the seasons change. That’s a happy thought to push aside the problems with that idiot client.

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