Reruns and Politics (and Political Reruns)

December 21st, 2008

D20 8201 Reruns and Politics (and Political Reruns) I’ve posted this photo before. I shot it in Hawaii (on a beach, though you’d never know that if I didn’t tell you) with Leona Anne back in September. I enjoy watching the lives of my photos. Some immediately strike me as successful photos, but soon or eventually they lose their charm and I no longer find them interesting. Some are overlooked at first but gradually find their way to the top of the pile. Some are clearly fine photos, but because they get so much attention I eventually grow tired of them and find myself wishing people would pay more attention to my newer work.

I think this photo of Leona is different. It immediately struck me as a great success. It accomplishes what I wanted it to do. It was pre-visualized. As soon as I saw those plants I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them and Leona. And I was fortunate to have a model with me who could understand what I was after and pull it off. The photo continues to draw me. I’ve made it the wallpaper on my desktop, partially as a test to see if I could dull my enthusiasm for it. I continue to take a sharp breath every time the computer powers up.

In short, I love this photo. I think it may be the best photo I’ve ever taken. I may change my mind. I usually change my mind. But for now I’ll continue to put this one on top of the pile.

Politics? Did I say politics? Well, yes. I saw a report on the news tonight that was questioning the qualifications of Caroline Kennedy to be a Senator. Just had to say something about that. I frankly don’t know much about Caroline Kennedy other than the obvious stuff of who her father was and the many tragedies her family, and our nation, have experienced. But I am absolutely confident that she will be a fine Senator. Better than most. Why? Because she doesn’t need the job. The only reason she could have for seeking that Senate seat is because she wants to, and thinks she can, do some good for our country.

Give Caroline Kennedy the job. We could do (and have done) one hell of a lot worse.

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