November 30th, 2008

491228b65f11b Thanks Thanks for still coming here after I’ve let the blog go for nearly a full week without an update. I’ll blame it on the holiday. It’s been a busy one, but a very enjoyable one. Since my last post on Monday here’s what I’ve been doing: Tuesday I shopped for Thanksgiving food, including the difficult-to-obtain ingredients for my special ham loaf. Wednesday I cooked and had my whole immediate family over for dinner for the first time in years…and the first time ever for my new son-in-law and grandson. Thursday we were surprised by a tree service that showed up to take down a tree in our back yard on the property line. My neighbor wanted the tree removed, I agreed and he hired the company, not knowing just when they would come. But we didn’t really expect it to be on Thanksgiving Day. So I stayed home to supervise the tree people while my wife went to some friends for dinner. I joined her a couple hours later and had my second go at Thanksgiving gluttony. Friday we got up early and drove 3 hours to my brother-in-law’s to join their family for yet another Thanksgiving feast. Drove back home Saturday. So today I’m finally finding time to get back to the blog.

But I really haven’t had time to select and edit something new to post, so I cheated. That’s Athena in the foreground and Phoenix Kelley in the background in the photo above. Athena chose that photo from our shoot at a painter’s studio in the Oregon District in Dayton. Athena did the PhotoShopping on the photo and posted it on her Model Mayhem page. I really like the shot too, so I just swiped her edit off her site to post here today. Athena is a real master at PhotoShop. I hire her to work on my problem photos that need someone with real skill to correct something. She has a Model Mayhem page for her retouching work here. I can highly recommend her if you need any PhotoShop work done.

And, while we are talking about PhotoShop, let me say something about the photo in the last post. I did a little “burning” of the background in PhotoShop on that file. On the monitor I was using, which is calibrated to my printer output, that darkening of the background was invisible. I’ve since seen the photo on some other monitors and found it to be very obvious. I’ve noticed that on some other files that I’ve uploaded over the years. Monitors vary widely and as a result it’s impossible to know just how any photo is going to look to the many people who view it on a wide range of monitors. I’m a bit at a loss as to what to do about that. I could work on that file some more and make the work I’ve done invisible on a monitor that renders the photo lighter, but then the file would not print correctly on my printer. And it would look too dark on my screen and, I assume, on the screens of many other folks who have calibrated their monitors. So maybe I’ll just ask you to take my word for it that if what you see seems too light with some noticeable PhotoShopping, it doesn’t look that way on other monitors…and most importantly, it doesn’t look that way in a finished print.

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