Chillin’ at the old Warehouse

July 2nd, 2008

D20 1799 Chillin at the old Warehouse Old abandoned buildings can be fun photo locations. When you also have a brave, adventurous, hardy model they can be great. That’s what happened with this shoot. This was back in December down in West Virginia. Yes, those are icicles hanging down from the ceiling. It was pretty damn cold. But the model had found the location and wanted me to be the one to shoot her there. And she didn’t care how cold it was. So I drove down to West Virginia and we had a great day of shooting. Since then she has stopped modeling and removed all her photos from the model sites, so she will remain nameless. But she is a trooper, intelligent and very knowledgeable about art. A real joy to work with. I hope she’ll come back to modeling one of these days and I’ll be able to do some more work with her.

Life is busy as usual. I’m recovering from the trip to Michigan and getting ready to leave on an extended trip out west in a week and a half. I’ll be driving my truck with the slide-in camper. Just had my mechanic check it over yesterday and, as I suspected, it needs a new “body computer” that controls all the things like windshield wipers, door locks, dashboard, anything involving the body. Turns out it has to be done by a dealer and it takes 2-3 days. I’m taking it in on Monday. I don’t want to load the camper until that job is done, so my time to get everything sorted out for the trip is getting compressed. Plus, I won’t have my truck to run around and get stuff I need for several days.

I decided not to shoot anything new until I leave on the trip, but it looks like I won’t stick to that decision. A wonderful California model/photographer is going to be in the area next week, so she might convince me to pick up the camera for a while. Plus someone I’ve worked with a number of times may come in to the studio for some photos next week too. But those will both be short shoots that I won’t even think about editing until I return, so it won’t be too big a dent in my schedule.

I think this photo below is my favorite from the warehouse shoot. I love what’s happening with the color, the light and the blurring. I’m having fun regularly with the VR on my Nikon 18-200mm lens. It’s almost like having the camera on a tripod, but not quite the same. The VR compensates for camera movement, but not for subject movement…kind of like a tripod, except that it doesn’t always completely eliminate the camera movement blur and the results can be very interesting. It’s fairly unpredictable, but working with digital it’s possible to get instant feedback by chimping and adjust things to dial in something that works. I think this one works pretty well.

D20 1838 Chillin at the old Warehouse

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