Happy Father’s Day

June 15th, 2008

D20 7103 Happy Fathers Day Just another day. To celebrate Father’s Day today so far I’ve finished painting the guest room and went shopping for porch furniture. Father’s Day doesn’t get nearly the attention that Mother’s Day gets, but that’s a good thing since the reason is that fathers don’t spend nearly as much effort inspiring guilt in our children.

The newly married daughter is coming over later to take me out to dinner, though…I must have gotten a little guilt going in her after all the work and expense for her wedding. My wife gave me a card, a CD and some sweets…I, of course, informed her, “I’m not your Daddy.”

It was a busy week, hence the lack of posts here. I had three photo shoots and then Friday night was spent gallery sitting at a new gallery that is showing my work in Dayton’s Oregon District. It was real quiet, as in no one at all came in, for the first couple hours, but then it started picking up as people wandered between bars and decided to stop in to see what was on the walls. And as the evening went by more and more people came in who seemed to actually be interested in the work that was hanging. The gallery displays work by a number of artists who have studios in the Front Street Buildings on Second Street not far from the Oregon District, so there is a wide variety of work on display.

The highlight of the evening at the gallery for me was a surprise visit by the former director of the Dayton Art Institute, Alex Nyerges. He was in town visiting and came down to see what was happening with galleries there. I greatly enjoyed his time as director of the local art institute. He’s an expert in photography and brought a number of very fine photo exhibits to the institute. Most notable was the Edward Weston show that he put together from the collection of Edward’s sister, who had lived most of her life in the Dayton area. Weston would frequently send her prints of his latest work, sometimes folding the prints in half to put them in a standard envelope. The stack of prints was discovered in the back of a closet by the sister’s son who brought them to the art institute.

The exhibit was a great survey of the life’s work of a great photographer. The catalog of the exhibit authored by Nyerges, Edward Weston, A Photographer’s Love of Life, is much more than a catalog. It’s a very fine exploration of the life and work of Edward Weston. It’s a good book to add to your library if you can find a copy.

Mr. Nyerges seemed to like what he saw at the gallery and even made some very generous comments about my own work. So I felt like the evening was a fine success. Nothing like a little praise from someone whose opinion you value.

That’s another Ohio University School of Dance Spring Concert photo up there. I still don’t have any credit information on that concert to be able to say more about it.

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