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November 28th, 2007

D20 9108 More from the past Here’s another of my old dance concert photos. This one has been hanging in my living room for pretty much the last 25 years. The dancer is Marcia Sakamoto, a visiting artist at the concert that was advertised by the flyer from my last post. Again, this was shot on film, Tri-X exposed at 1600 ISO and developed in Acufine. Camera was a Nikon F with an 85mm f/1.8 lens.

A goal I set for myself when I photograph a dance is to try to make a photograph that, when the photo is viewed it will create in the viewer the same feeling that was created by the dance itself. It’s pretty much an unattainable goal, but it provides my direction for what I’m trying to do with my photos. This photo is one of the very rare instances where I feel the photo comes pretty close to reaching that goal. I guess that’s why it has stayed on the wall in my home all these years.

Tomorrow I’m off to New York City to do a weekend workshop with Lois Greenfield at her studio. She is probably the best dance photographer in the world. I think I’ll be able to learn a thing or two from her. I’ll also be seeing some of my NYC friends including Dave Rudin, James Graham, Diana Diriwaechter and the world’s best figure model, Theda. And I hope to meet a few other on-line friends in person for the first time, if they can make it to our planned Friday night gathering. If all goes well I’ll spend Friday at the Guggenheim, do the workshop on Saturday and Sunday, and have Monday pretty much free, then leave for home on Tuesday. If I find a model in NYC who’d like to do a shoot on Monday I could do that during the day, but I’m not trying real hard to set anything up.

I’ll probably be able to post while I’m in NYC, so you may see something new here while I’m away if I have time and energy to get it posted.

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