Life of Dance

November 14th, 2007

D20 9111 Life of DanceDance has most of my attention these days, in case you hadn’t noticed. Contrary to some comments I’ve heard, I have not quit doing figure photography and have no plans to. But dance is now the main thing I’m interested in photographing. Figure work will continue, but no longer as my primary subject matter. And I will post more figure work here from time to time. But for now most of what you’ll see here will be dance photos.

I spent the day yesterday at Ohio U doing photos of dance students, this time using my studio lights and background. I’ve been playing plumber at home today, so I haven’t had time to look at what I got yesterday, but I expect to be posting some of them in the next few days. I also delivered my photos of the dance concert I photographed a couple weeks ago. Finally got all the post processing work finished. You’ll see more of those photos here soon, too.

But for today, since I’ve been otherwise occupied under the kitchen sink most of the day (and without any real success…I’ll be calling a professional plumber tomorrow since the problem is clearly beyond what I can deal with with my tools and experience), here is another of my “vintage” dance photos.

This is Lisa Eck in the dance studio on the third floor of the building on Court Street in Athens that was the original home of the Ohio U School of Dance. This was probably taken in 1974 or 75. For those who care about such things, it was shot with a Leica M2 and a Canon 35mm f/2 lens. Film was Tri-X developed in D-76 1:1. That camera and lens combination was a favorite of mine for many years. In fact, right now that M2 is sitting in my camera locker with that Canon lens mounted on it. Haven’t shot with it for many years, though…not since I switched to digital. Some day maybe there’ll be a digital camera that works as well as that old M2. I just shot a photo of an old 11×14 print with my D200, but I think it looks pretty good, considering.

Lisa was a very talented dance major who I photographed a lot. I also liked her, but I lost touch with her after we both left Ohio U. She performed with a circus when she wasn’t attending college. Last I heard of her she had injured her back in a fall during a trampoline act, but was recovering well. I’ve tried to track her down through the internet, but had no luck. I also asked around at the School of Dance, but no one there knew what had become of her. Wherever she is, I hope life has been good to her.

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