A Different Tone for the Gorge

July 24th, 2012

D70 3819 A Different Tone for the Gorge

A couple months ago my friend Cherrystone told me about a model who was going to be visiting our area who he thought I might like to work with.  As soon as I saw Crimson Reign’s portfolio I knew she could be a great addition to the project I’m working on at a beautiful gorge near where I grew up.

We got in contact and agreed that we were both interested in seeing what kind of art we could make together.  And Crimson is the kind of model I love to work with.  She’s dedicated to getting the photo.  She’s not put off by getting up before the sun rises so we can be at our location for the early morning light.  And she isn’t afraid to get cold and wet and dirty…which is pretty much a given for any models who work with me.  Add to that the fact that she’s a very nice person and fun to be around.  Oh and, of course, she is quite beautiful.  I’m so very happy we got to do this shoot together.

D70 3813 A Different Tone for the Gorge

I had been looking at this “lake” for a while.  It’s actually an old quarry.  I have no idea how deep it is, but it’s very deep…and there is no shallow part.  It drops right off to those unknown depths.  So the first question I had for Crimson was if she could swim.  I needed to know if immediate rescue was needed if she fell in, or if she’d be able to tread water and make it back up on shore.  She is a swimmer or I would not have had her posing in some of these spots.  Fortunately, she didn’t fall in, so that wasn’t an issue anyway.

D70 3945 A Different Tone for the Gorge

This was a very successful shoot so there are lots more photos to come in the next few posts.  Crimson’s beautiful skin tones add a whole new dimension to the tonal relationships in this project.

I spent most of yesterday editing and preparing the photos from this shoot.  I did it all in PhotoShop CS6, starting with Camera Raw and then finishing the files up in CS6 itself.  I have to say again that I’m very impressed with this software.  I know I’ve not even begun to explore all it’s capabilities.  I’ll have to take a few of tutorials to get familiar with some of the new features.  But for now it is allowing me to process my raw files and get the results I want without having to deal with the awful Nikon software that I had been using.

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2 Responses to “A Different Tone for the Gorge”

  1. 1Robert
    July 25th, 2012 @ 9:40 am

    Amazing how the other software companies did a better job convincing you to upgrade Photoshop than Adobe did?

    I’ve started studying myself and teaching my students about iPad apps. You can buy an absolute top of the line iPad for $899 and for another $30 to $50 add a bunch of editing and photo apps.

    This looks like a beautiful place. Crimson fits right into the serenity of the location. Looking forward to seeeing more.

  2. 2dave
    July 25th, 2012 @ 12:37 pm

    Thanks, Robert.

    I’m not much of a fan of iPads or any tablets for that matter. They seem way too limited for what they cost. For less than the cost of an iPad I can get a very capable small laptop that doesn’t weigh much more and is about the same size, that has a real hard drive, plenty of input and output options, a DVD burner and the ability to run all my full programs. I just don’t see what the draw of the tablets is.

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