Field Of Dreams

June 10th, 2009

D20 8092 Field Of Dreams You can dream about baseball if that suits you. I’ll stick to something more like this. Brooke and _G_ at Glacier.

Things continue to be very busy with most of it non-photo related. The truck engine and transmission have been removed and are both being rebuilt. I’m limited in my travel to either riding my motorcycle or hijacking my wife’s van by taking her to and from work. Since it is raining here today, and I hate riding my motorcycle in the rain, I’m spending the day at home. I expect the truck to be out of commission for at least another week and a half, so I’m concentrating on my many jobs that need to be done around the house.

I’ve spent the last several days transferring data from the old home computer onto the new computer and setting up a somewhat logical backup scheme. I think I have that all under control now. I used a program called Goodsync to get everything transferred and make sure I didn’t lose something in the process. It worked very well, but some of the sync operations took as much as 10 hours. We’re talking lots of gigs of photos here. But thanks to the sync program I was able to free up a couple hundred gigs of unnecessary duplication on my external hard drives. Now there is just one of everything on my old drives and they and the internal drive on the new computer all back up onto a new external 1.5T drive. Tomorrow I’ll start trying to do something similar with the data on the studio computer. But there I’m dealing with about 10 times as much data and something like eight external drives in various stages of confusion and duplication and triplication. It’s going to take some time. When I finish I hope to have each file stored and regularly backed up on two drives using two 1.5T drives and four 500 gig drives. Then I’ll start making another backup using the blu-ray burner on the new studio computer.

Now if I could just figure out how to free up more space on the C: drive of the old computer. I’ve uninstalled a bunch of my old programs, like PhotoShop CS, that took a lot of space, but it still seems to have at least 5 gigs of space taken up by something that doesn’t need to be there and that I can’t find to delete. We are giving the old computer to our cousin who doesn’t need a lot of computing power and should be able to get a lot more use out of it. But the C: drive has less than 1 gig of free space…not enough to even let me defrag it. If everything else fails we’ll just take it to Best Buy and have them wipe the drive and reinstall windows XP. I’d try that myself, but the computer didn’t come with an XP disk, so I can’t. It started life as a Best Buy floor sample and has always had some issues that must have been caused by that.

Meanwhile I’ve been getting estimates to have my 100-year-old house painted. _G_’s boyfriend is going to do the job. That should get started in the next couple weeks and take most of the summer to complete. The house is tall so one of the first steps was to buy a used 40-foot extension ladder. That was accomplished last night. They tell me the new paints are better than what was available about 10 years ago when we last had it painted, so this paint job should last at least 15 years. That would be nice.

And I need to make some calls to get someone to do a bunch of little jobs on the exterior of the house. I still haven’t found a roofer to repair the hurricane damage to the house’s tile roof. But I hope to get that taken care of within a month or so.

I also have some commercial photo work that I should be doing over the summer. Nothing all that exciting, but work that will pay some bills…maybe even let me put enough aside to get a new Nikon when the next digital generation is announced.

So, posts may be less frequent for the next few weeks while I deal with “real life”…but there are lots more photos to come from Glacier, not to mention a bunch of other shoots that I’ve never gotten around to putting up here. And I have a couple shoots planned over the next couple weeks. Have to keep shooting, no matter what.

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