Brooke by a brook

July 23rd, 2008

D20 1362 Brooke by a brook Well, it’s not really what I’d call a brook. More of a raging mountain stream. Another place that was within a short walk of our cabin in Silvergate. I like the way the water is becoming something of an abstraction, maybe even a sort of swirling cosmos or something. And I finally found a reason to use the 12-24mm lens that I carry around and pretty much leave in my bag. I think it works for this photo.

We all had a great time in Silvergate. More evidence to follow as we find opportunities for internet access. We spent one day in Yellowstone and took only tourist photos along with the thousands of other tourists who were everywhere. No way to shoot figure work there. Maybe some day I’ll go back and spend a week in the backcountry with a model…but probably not…I’m getting too old for that kind of trip.

We spent most of our time shooting around Silvergate and driving back and forth over the Beartooth Highway from Cooke City to Red Lodge and shooting along the way. We found some great locations. You’ll see.

The Log Cabin Cafe is still the wonderful place it was when I first discovered it 20 years or so ago. And their cabin was a great place to stay while we did our photo work in the area. I highly recommend it both for food and lodging. Check it out. They don’t have a web site, but you can find listings for them on line and you won’t have any trouble finding them if you get to Silvergate, which consists of about a dozen log cabins along the road.

Today we said goodbye to Silvergate and headed south through the park. We didn’t make great time and are spending tonight in Laramie, WY. Tomorrow we’ll drive to Ft. Collins, CO, and stop to take a look at the photo show at the Center for Fine Art Photography, both to see the show and to see Dave Rudin’s prints in the show. It’s a great thing for Dave R to be included in this show which was juried by Kim Weston.

After the gallery stop we’ll go on the Rocky Mountain National Park and try to find some places to shoot. We’ll camp for one night there and then go on to the Aspen area for the weekend.

There should be more regular internet access from now on, so expect more frequent postings since I have a lot of photos that I’m very happy with to show you. Brooke Lynne is a great model and Blue Sheba also did a great job hiking and posing and even getting into the freezing mountain stream at one point. Lots of photos to come as I get time to edit them and do posts.

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